The Problem

Healthcare organizations are facing strong financial incentives to improve patient experience and quality at higher margins. Current metrics around patient experience are based on survey data usually collected through paper surveys sent to patient’s homes.

The Solution

The Idea CrowdClinical helps hospitals improve patient experience by providing real-time feedback and analysis of actionable social media data. By allowing hospitals to view real-time patient sentiment, quality and patient experience professionals are better equipped to rapidly respond to potential quality issues impacting care.

  • Patient portal provides an additional data source for provider decisions
  • Real-time metrics bridge traditional experience survey data with actionable, live streams of social media data.
  • Research validates correlation of social data to traditional metrics.

Notable Activity

CrowdClinical was created by the research team at HealthMap, an organization housed at Boston Children’s Hospital. Their platform has been analyzing Twitter data since February 2015 and has made aggregate hospital sentiment data available to the public.