The Problem

Currently there is no near real-time method for patients and providers to know which pharmacies, clinics, or other healthcare facilities have medical countermeasures (MCM) during flu seasons. This poses difficulty in knowing where to go to access these critical products especially during a public health response. During an influenza pandemic, timely information on where to go to access influenza antiviral drugs will be critical in order for:

  • Providers to know where to send prescriptions.
  • Patients to know where to fill their prescription.
  • Public health decision makers to know when additional antiviral supplies from stockpiles may be needed.

The Solution

MedFinder is a free, online service for providers and patients to search for nearby locations of pharmacies and/or clinics that offer their estimated ability to fill medical countermeasures (such as antiviral drugs). We work with pharmacies and clinics to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the medical countermeasures they have carry. Our goal is to improve timely access to flu antivirals.